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In all honesty. This isn’t my follow forever. It’s more of a,“I admire your damn blog and existence in general.” My Tumblr experience wouldn’t be the same without you guys. I am following a lot of people so these are just a few(not really even a few, I had a hard time deciding)of the blogs I see often. I don’t have a blogroll man…but all of the people I follow are awesomesauce, that’s why I am following them in the first place.

I am only doing this so ppl know that I know that they’re But half the time the people on this list are either doing awesome things, saying/tagging awesome things, or are damn hilarious etc.(or just appear on my dash a hell

As awkwardly antisocial as I am I don’t really associate with most of these blogs but I still love them all none the less. I might as well put all the people I am following on here, but you know how these things work.. FOLLOW FOLLOW!

4dkyungsoo, acewufan, akaiberries, exooforyou, baozis-buns, baobae, baekhyunsmajesticock, baekokoros. baektobaek, baekthosebyuns, bringin-home-the-baekhyun, baekgasm, bboxian, baekyeols, baekachu, byunbunnie, byunbaekhyunniee, ceryeol, chandonut, channie-with-a-side-of-baekon, chanyeolismysexualfantasy, e-x-o-s, exobyuntae,elhappyvirus, exo-senpai, exozhang, fingermebaekhyun, gay-for-lay, hokaid-o, hokshi, hunhanlicious, i-shaved-sehuns-crotch, illegiblesigns, i-put-exos-dick-in-a-box-and, i-love-yeol, its-a-yixing-thing, jonginsideofyou, chanyeolsvoice, kuroi-pearl, kaurai, kai-fy, kaindycanes, krisjongin, kaiscrotch, keysmeyeol, kaicole, misshomin, men-in-eyeliner, oh-yeol, ohmyguccigege, ohsehunnie1, osehuns, pahkchanyeor, pedonoonathealmighty, ramyoon, rebelkai, sexyguy-kai, sincerely-baekhyun, sekaih, scaninjo, sudgerd, telekenesis, taemingkai, truly-kai, visually-layed, wufabulous, why-kai-why, woochanki, xiumentos

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    how come i never saw this follow forever!! homg! otl! but thank you for the follow forever!!! it is an honor to be in...
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    omg how did i just find this thanks babe!
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    Thank you so much bb!!
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    thank you very much! This means really a lot to me!!
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    aww thaaank youuuu bby!
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